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Welcome to Pokemon-rom.com, your dedicated hub for all things Pokémon!

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We’re a community of Pokémon enthusiasts, much like yourself, who were tired of scouring the vast expanse of the internet to find official links for classic Pokémon games. Over the years, countless games have captured the hearts and imaginations of players. But as time moves on, many of these gems become hard to find, lost in the digital ether.

What We Do

Here at Pokemon-rom.com, we have meticulously gathered, verified, and organized official download links for Pokémon games that are no longer commercially available. Our mission is to ensure that nostalgic fans and curious newcomers alike can easily access and enjoy these timeless adventures without any hassle.

All games mentioned on our site are freeware or shareware, meaning they are available for the public to download at no cost. We only provide the trusted external links to their official pages.

We want to make one thing crystal clear: We are not developers of Pokémon games, nor do we claim any credit for their creation. Our site is purely fan-made, built out of love for the franchise, and serves as a tribute to the incredible world that Pokémon has shared with us over the years.

As fans, we respect the hard work of the original developers and always advocate for supporting them whenever possible. We solely focus on providing access to games that are no longer in circulation or have been deemed as freeware/shareware.

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Dive back into the rich world of Pokémon, relive those cherished moments or discover them anew. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or just starting your journey, there’s always a place for you here at Pokemon-rom.com.

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